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Am 20.11.2013 19:15, schrieb Joe Touch:
> Forwarded for David Reed.
> .....
> There are a few principles that seem to work:
> 1) *Don't allow buffering in the network*.  Buffer at the edges.
>   Otherwise the ability to shift to a new operating point becomes so
> slow that the system is always operating in a pessimal state.

We hat quite some discussions on this one off list.

What's the purpose of buffering at all?

- allowing for asynchronism

(that even covers varying data rates on the link.)

Hence, in my opinion it is a local, link dependent decision whether to
buffer or not.

> 2) Keep number of hops short.


> 3) Try to keep the rates "balanced", which in practice means that all
> links of the network should all be capable of operating within a few dB
> of magnitude of the same rate.   (e.g. don't mix 1 Mb links with 40Gb
> links on a switch).

You're kidding.

AFAIK, net data rates along arbitrary Internet paths vary by up to 9 or
10 orders of magnitude.

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