[e2e] Is there an implementation of TCP flow control in NS2?

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Tue Sep 13 09:19:13 PDT 2005

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> But complaining about ns misses the point. You may as well complain

I don´t complain about ns. Please don´t misunderstand me there.

I only wanted to say that ns itself and it´s acceptance by the users as 
well as its benefit suffer from this situation. But this is not a 
problem due to ns.

> about why universities don't teach you practical programming 'here's a

That is more than what I said. However, I´m not willing to accept, that 
a CS student can graduate without a sound programing expertise.
That´s exactly the same as if a surgeon could graduate without knowing
to hold a knife.

 From my education and from my professional experience, I say that 
excellent programing skills are compulsory for any computer scientist. 
They are a "must". For a computer scientist a computer is what a knife 
is for a surgeon.

> ten-year-old codebase and here's how to figure out how it works'

In some commercial programs, the codebase is even older *sigh* ;-)
(Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about COBOL, RPG and PL/1 and I 
don´t like FORTRAN IV very much :-))

> skills. Universities just expect you pick everything up by osmosis;

Which is basically a good strategy.

> hey, get students to spend enough time in a room with computers, and
> maybe they'll learn to control them. The principle works with
> libraries, books and reading, right?

And it works the same way for programing. I once told a student, he 
should _READ_ programs. It was always helpful for me to _read_ programs. 
Not that stupid samples from textbooks. But reading large programs. And 
I even learned countless things and techniques from reading the ns2 source.


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