[e2e] Is there an implementation of TCP flow control in NS2?

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Tue Sep 13 03:53:46 PDT 2005

Please don´t wonder when I ask this here.

I placed this question (dynamic AWND) yesterday into the ns-users list,
after having subscribed to this list again after a break of about two

I think, I´m going to unsubscribe again. The ns-users list is simply
useless. One of the most important facts in using mailing lists is that
after the third question like "Urgent!!!!!!!! I lost my shoes!!!!!!",
"Urgent!!!!! Need help!!!!! I´m going to take an exam!!!! Help me!!!!!"
Or "I cannot install the ns2, there are much of this funny files ending
with .cc, what´s hat?", "Where is the ns2 documentation? There are much
of that strange .h files, but they are apparently no _help_ files" etc.
etc. etc., any user who has in fact an idea of what the ns2 is or what
programming is all about will simply unsubscribe. In addition, it is
simply not possible to follow this lare amount of mails there.

Perhaps, one could think about a ns-users list with a better
administration. At least questions like: "which linux must i install on
my nt?"
or "will nt work in mac when i install my ns in linux?" or similar
should be made to disappear. It´s not only annoying but simply
to pick out that one useful post of the hundred posts each day that way. 

>From my own observation, I´ve seen that there are universities the
students of which boast with large ns2 knowlege - however in fact, there
is none.
And there is a clear reason for this: There is no introduction into the
ns2, no lectures, no ns2 users group etc. etc. at these universities.

In nearly every village in Germany you have a Linux Users Group. 

I don´t know how this is in Stuttgart but in larger and more important
villages like Markl/Inn or Oberammergau you surely find one ;-)

So, if there is some guy having problems with Linux, he can ask there
and will perhaps get assistance. In addition, one can arrange some kind
of kknowledge transfer and education there.

Please excuse me, when I´m upset on this one. The ns2 is a useful tool.
It is very common and it´s, in general, a real good work.
(It can be seen, however, that many programmers contributed to this work
and that not all of them are equally skilled. But that´s
life.) It would be a pity, when a useful and helpful program with many
men years of work in it and much excellent knowledge therein
will perhaps become less attractive in the long run, because there is no
useful venue to discuss ns2 matters.

>From what I´ve seen in this one single day, I´m about to suggest to
close the ns-users list and to start a new discussion venue from
I don´t believe that ns-users can be salvaged.


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