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Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 4:16 PM -0400
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Subject: Impending publication: draft-iab-link-indications-03.txt

The IAB is ready to ask the RFC-Editor to publish

          Architectural Implications of Link Indications

as an Informational RFC. A link indication represents information
provided by the link layer to higher layers regarding the state of the link.
This document provides an overview of the role of link indications
within the Internet Architecture, as well as considerations
for their use, in order to preserve network robustness and performance.

The IAB solicits comments by October 11, 2005. Please send
comments to the IAB (iab at iab.org), or to ietf at ietf.org.

The document can be found at


 From the Abstract:

   This document describes the role of link indications within the
   Internet Architecture.  While the judicious use of link indications
   can provide performance benefits, inappropriate use can degrade both
   robustness and performance.  This document summarizes current
   proposals, describes the architectural issues and provides examples
   of appropriate and inappropriate uses of link layer indications.

Leslie Daigle,
      For the IAB.

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