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Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 14 22:24:00 PDT 2005


you have my meaning straight.

In missive <4328F9B5.30406 at swin.edu.au>, grenville armitage typed:

 >>Fer cryin' out loud, people.
 >>Reading this list for a few years and being unable to parse Jon's emails
 >>seems mutually exclusive. But let's try, shall we?
 >>Jon wrote:
 >>> but
 >>> an awful lot are those hotmail/yahoo email folks you allude to, 
 >>> (I have no idea where they are really from - are they using such
 >>> addresses because they are afraid their university will catch them plagiarising, 
 >>> or are they blocked in china?) and they do more harm than good.
 >>So, the context is "those hotmail/yahoo email folks you allude to". Who
 >>is "you"? Llloyd. His preceding line: "I have now left myself open to years and
 >>years of questions from yahoo/hotmail-using students who have trouble stringing
 >>coherent sentences together."   No references to ethnicity or geography so far.
 >>Moving on, Jon's word "(I have no idea where they are really from" suggest a
 >>parenthetical aside that isn't trying to be scientific or complete.
 >>" - are they using such ...plagiarising, or are they blocked in china."
 >>Curiously, the hypothesis preceding "or" should seem entirely reasonable for
 >>_any_ academic whose received the type of emails to which Lloyd and Jon refer.
 >>And that's also entirely independent of ethnicity or geography.
 >>Finally the hypothesis after "or" suggest the use of "such addresses" to bypass
 >>censorship or primary email accounts located within a particular country.
 >>I'm surprised that anyone should be held to task for alluding to a correlation
 >>between censorship and China.
 >>Unless Jon confesses to intending to imply Chinese students plagiarise, I believe
 >>_that_ characterisation of Jon's email is tenuous at best and should be withdrawn.



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