[e2e] Is sanity in NS2?

Roland Bless bless at tm.uka.de
Thu Sep 22 06:57:55 PDT 2005

Detlef Bosau wrote:

> In my original post, I asked for flow control in ns2. If OMNET++ would
> provide this, it could be interesting. However, when 
> flow control and dynamic AWND is left out in ns2, the reason is quite
> obvious: When I want to model the amount of memory
> available at the receiver stack, I need an application model which
> models when data is read from the stack.

The OppBSD implementation mimics the normal socket interface
(actually the real socket functions are called in the FreeBSD part
of the code).
I don't think that we excluded the flow control stuff from
the FreeBSD TCP implementation. :-) Therefore, OppBSD should offer
flow control and all the other stuff that a real OS TCP implementation
has. That's exactly one advantage of porting a real implementation
(naturally also including any implementation bugs therein).

> Thus, the simplification may seem unjustified. However, it´s a
> consequence from the lack of a propper and validated application/user
> model.

Go and have a look at the stuff. OppBSD comes with some example scenarios.


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