[e2e] Two questions on simulation of AQM

Wuwei wuwei at sdp.ee.tsinghua.edu.cn
Wed Apr 11 00:45:19 PDT 2001

hi, Zhang

I think you are right if all users and routers support ECN, and as I know the 
implementation of RED in ns, a well known network simulator do support this 
function. But for not all users support ECN, Router have to drop the packets
to signal the sender. I think drop a switched packet the the top of the queue
is not an efficient way from my intuition.
Nowadays AQM is implemented at the output port or input port. I have no idea
about which one is better. Maybe it's not the problem of AQM only. We need
take the architecture of swiching and scheduling into account.

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Hi, Haining
    Perhaps you haven't understood what I mean. 
    Each marked packet should be treated as a congestion feedback signal, and it 
should reflect the "current" congestion conditions. If the packet is marked when it 
leaves the queue, it can better reflect the "current" condition, without a queueing 
delay. Otherwise, this marked packet only reflects the condition when it enters 
the queue.

>>From intuition, better performance can be got when action is taken in
>>deque(), ie., at the output of the queue.
>No, the packet should be dropped at the front end before any resource
>has been consumed. Also, the earlier you drop the packet, the earlier
>feedback you will get. Your intuition is wrong :) just take a
>second thought.

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