[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

Fred Baker fred at cisco.com
Wed Apr 25 07:49:14 PDT 2001

Sorry if it comes across as bashing the ISP. I thought it was even-handed. 
Neither one is looking at the link, although their reasons differ, and 
someone should. My point is not that the ISP is specifically doing 
something bad, it is that the link tends to be a measurable point of delay 
and loss.

Now, tell me this. If the user could use queuing, is there a reason the ISP 
couldn't mirror the configuration, or offer a small set of configurations 
it was willing to support? I know some ISPs that are doing that. That would 
at least allow a customer to decide that some traffic was 
business-important and other traffic was not.

Yes, ECN would be a great leap forward. As of this morning, it remains 
experimental, not recommended for wide deployment.

At 06:34 PM 4/24/2001 -0700, Randy Bush wrote:
>i know you like to play bash the isp fred.  but how about a bit of logic
> > None of them talk about the link between them and their customer, which
> > they view as out of their control - out of sight and out of mind.
>unfortunately, there are no useful tools by which an isp can manage an
>overloaded customer tail.  for user->isp, the user can use queueing
>strategies.  but in the other direction source quench is not too useful,
>and we are not yet able to deploy ecn or bandwidth multipliers.

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