[e2e] Address Space Distribution

Wu Min wumin_noname at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 10 11:36:25 PST 2002

Many thanks to those who pointed out the recent paper on address structure 
of IP traffic. I don't think they discuss about address space distribution 
on network topology but only on address space distribution observed on 
aggregated IP traffic.

Anyway it is useful for the part where I need realistic generation of 
traffic demand per aggregated destination address.

I have a couple of questions after reading the paper.

1. In figure 4, does the 'flow' means collection of
   packets with similar IP 5 tuples (i.e, IP source,
   IP destination, protocol, dest. port, and source

2. In their slides, the generated address structure
   using multifractal does not resemble the real
   address structure. However they claimed that
   they manage to capture the essential properties
   of the address structure. It seems to me that the
   density of the address aggregate is quite
   selective. The concentration is higher from to and especially
   in the region between ~
   Any comments?



p/s: Has anyone got a program to generate heavy-tailed flow?

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