[e2e] IP Traffic caracterization, from ISP to home Access to test PLC

diano.dario at enel.it diano.dario at enel.it
Tue May 14 10:24:53 PDT 2002

Hi, I'm New to this mail list, so please accept my apologies in advance if
some question sound silly.

I'm developing a small system to test the performance of PLC devices. (Power
Lines COmmunication)
This devices are meant to be an alternate access possibility, offering
broad-band access over the conventional power line, from the Medium Voltage
Trasformer to the  customer home.

There are a few technology... very different situations and
implementations.: modulation scheme... adapt algorithm, error correction.

This is the general interconnection scheme:

<->---------PowerLine----------<->PLC DEVICE out to ethernet interface-> PC

I'm tring to understand wich are the tipical avarage caracterization values
basically :Packet length, Protocol distribution.
I've been searching for some source of information but I've only found old

Anyone can help? I would really apriciate.
Thank you.

dariodia at yahoo.com
diano.dario at enel.it

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