[e2e] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Ayyasamy, Senthilkumar (UMKC-Student) saq66 at umkc.edu
Thu Oct 3 13:25:50 PDT 2002

> -> Rather, how can MPLS be deployed easily and efficiently? It's a 
> -> growing pain problem. Years 
> -> ago, NOC's had a tough time to deal with thousands of 
> routes (route 
> -> aggregation etc.), now they have to get familiar with thousands of 
> -> LSP's. Well... tough! 
>   Well said Ping. Yes! I was also wondering, why there is no
>   WG formed in IETF, similar to *ngtrans* (doing pretty good work
>   for IPv6 transition). I think, we (MPLS folks) need something
>   similar in O&M area for defining IP to MPLS smooth transition.
IMO, it is difficult. Their is no quantifying study for transition
complexities. How will you account for problems during flag days?
It is not the problem for MPLS transition alone. Many of our hard 
earned research are left unused because of transition problems.
The disruptive technologies like active networking and  overlay based 
solutions are not currently in use, as their is no effective method
for transition. A large scale test bed initiatives like planet lab 
will help in making such transition a reality. But, co-operation from
ISPs is necessary for making such initiatives into success. 
So, transition is more of research and  operational work rather 
than an IETF effort.


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