[e2e] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Naidu, Venkata Venkata.Naidu at Marconi.com
Thu Oct 3 14:02:04 PDT 2002


-> IMO, it is difficult. Their is no quantifying study for transition
-> complexities. How will you account for problems during flag days?
-> It is not the problem for MPLS transition alone. 

  I agree.

-> Many of our hard earned research are left unused because of 
-> transition problems. 
  ya! I agree! but there is a "pure research" and "applied research".
  The difference is that, in "applied research" % of applicability 
  of that research is more and we can see the research in action
  with in a specified time frame.

  Most of my experience is that, IETF/IRTF puts good struggle to get
  that "applied research" to get really applied. We are going 
  deep and deep into networking research. The depth is ever growing.
  It is a chicken and egg problem. The developer/researcher is the 
  best person to educate the layman about the benefits of his/her 
  research AND transition plans.

  In other words, if we are not telling SPs, about transition
  from a dated technology to the beneficial one, then who will ?

-> So, transition is more of research and  operational work rather 
-> than an IETF effort.

  Standard is not necessarily pure technical - like a protocol
  specification. It is for a mutual purpose for a global benefit.
  IETF closely works with operational people to make the developed
  ones real applicable.

  In the history, E2E research groups in IRTF/IETF are higly 
  succesfull in not only making/tuning the TCP/IP (like congestion
  cotrol techniques, TCP varients etc tec) but also giving good
  suggestions about transitions.


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