[e2e] Token/slotted access based mechanisms

Mostafa Ammar ammar at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Oct 15 12:56:42 PDT 2003

>Essentially X decides the sampling rate from the slot/token based "sampler"
>into the network/across the network.
>now is there any way that one can allocate "evenly spaced" slots to the
>It is more to the tune of, if a node needs 2 slots, it should get slots
>which are spaced apart by a distance of X/2, if a node needs 3 slots it
>should get slots spaced apart by X/3 etc... the "X" is variable and it can
>be decided in such a manner that all requirements fit into the need.(  I
>would call X the envelope size).
>Is there any work done somewhere in this direction?

  There was some work that was done in allocation of slots in cyclic fromes 
in the manner you are describing. Once you figure out the allocation,
the equal spacing is the most challenging  par.
This has been approximated with either heuristic techniuqes or with
the use of the "golden ratio".


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