[e2e] Enough!

Mark Allman mallman at elitists.net
Thu Jan 15 20:24:10 PST 2004


I am really loathe to waste bandwidth(*) contributing to this non-sense,
but I do not see any of the spam sent to this list --- only the
complaining about the spam.  So,

  - What happened to "be liberal in what you receive"?  Hopefully, we're
    all savvy enough to do some spam filtering at this point.  I doubt
    that this list is the only source of spam anyone sees.  And, even if
    it is the lion's share of your spam the spam trends are clear --
    even if you unsubscribed from e2e you'd very likely soon be back to
    getting as much spam as you do now.  Either you have to live with it
    or you have to employ some sort of a local filter.

    (Yeah, I know the other part of the rule.  But, we wouldn't need
    both parts if everyone always employed the other.)

  - The policy is clear.  You don't have to agree with it.  I don't even
    care what the policy is, really.  Like I said I see no problem.
    But, Bob and Joe are providing the resources and so I think they
    deserve some lattitude in setting policy.  If you don't like it
    please pony up some resources and setup an end2end_censored that is
    subscribed to e2e (similar to ietf_censored) and runs a nice spam
    filter to try to remove the junk.  If folks like the policies of
    e2e_censored better than e2e then they can subscribe to the list.
    This butting of heads is pointless.  Please put up or shut up.

Can we please stop complaining about list policies and get back to
talking about something useful?  And, if we can't do that then can we at
least start arguing about words again?  Sheesh!


(*) hoping to get us back on track ....

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