[e2e] Enough!

George Michaelson ggm at apnic.net
Thu Jan 15 22:55:21 PST 2004

E2E is one of the last places you can ask silly questions and get good answers.

It would be a real shame if we locked it down, only to lock out some of the
people who in future are going to be standing on our toes, to see over the
wall... (to mis-quote the misquote)

Because E2E is listed in IRTF-land, I think its vested with authority and
purpose which most of us probably don't conciously care about. But even if the
content sometimes gets ragged, I think E2E is keeping end-to-end alive, as a
talking point, and a value proposition.

To put some content back in, Does anybody else notice that nowadays, more people
are saying the namespace (DNS in particular, but namespace in general) is also
one of the hotspots for value in the net? I think the n**n effect of the size of
the net is one measure of its utility, but the same richness in namespace has a
sometimes opposite effect. .COM is to all intents and purposes now valueless.
(I don't mean in money terms)

NAPTR is putting an awful lot of value back into namespace. Maybe we're seeing a
blender of Names+connectivity+e2e == the real value proposition.


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