[e2e] was double blind, now reproduceable results

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#Saad Biaz wrote:
#The source of the problem in this matter is the tendency of
our community
#to accept only papers that tell a happy story, a successful
story. We
#forget that we learn more from a sad, than a happy story.

savoric at ee.tu-berlin.de wrote:

>So, I wanted to publish some of these (not only negative but
>also constructive)
>results on a prominent conference to inform the research
>community about my results.

I completely agree with it, both negative (unhappy) and constructive (happy) results are important, more debating, more clear the fact is . The research should aim to find some novel, unknown,  hidden or even erroneous perceptions in existing results / phenomenons. This is already proved numerous times in human science history.


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