[e2e] Papers on router performance

Nader Salehi salehi at cisco.com
Tue Feb 22 09:36:58 PST 2005

Craig Partridge writes:
> Hi:
> This is a fun question but you have to refine it.
> If you are saying, "what can be done on current CISCO/JUNIPER hardware"
> I don't know of any papers, but I know lots of folks who can probably
> answer the question.

You might want to take a look at the first and second ACM SIGCOMM
Internet Measurement Workshops.  In them you might find some
performance measurements on various routers.

Good luck!


> If you are asking, "what could routers do?" the answer is, generally, not
> an absolute, but rather a matter of "how much money do you have?"  In
> general, hardware can be built to run at line rate, and then you simply
> build deeper and deeper pipelines to fit in all the functionality you
> want...
> Craig
> In message <421B3F13.2000306 at inescporto.pt>, Filipe Abrantes writes:
> >Does someone know any papers or practical studies on router (hardware) 
> >performance limitations - specially about its performance when they have 
> >to examine certain fields on IP or network header on a per-packet basis.
> >
> >For instance, what is the maximum output bandwidth when it has to 
> >examine the TOS field in each incoming packet.
> >
> >Hope I could make my self clear and
> >Thanks for your help
> >
> >Filipe
> >
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