[e2e] Papers on router performance

Jing Shen jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Feb 27 17:35:35 PST 2005

To our measurement, header processing's side effect on
router performance is not only to the processing logic
but also router architecture.

 Sometimes vendors just show the best result they got
in their test bed, but usually it's not performance it
could be achived in production environment. For
example, ASIC matrix on Alcatel's 7750 could process
packets at line speed, but header processing will hit
Cisco 7204's CPU which will degrade its performance.

> > You might want to take a look at the first and
> second ACM SIGCOMM
> > Internet Measurement Workshops.  In them you might
> find some
> > performance measurements on various routers.

Jing Shen

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