[e2e] ACM SIGCOMM 2005 Workshop on Mining Network Data (MineNet-05)

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Call for papers 

 *                                                                *
 * SIGCOMM 2005 Workshop on Mining Network Data (MineNet-05)      *
 *                                                                * 
 * (to be held with SIGCOMM 2005, Aug 20-26, Philadelphia, USA)   *
 *                                                                *
 * http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigcomm/sigcomm2005/cfp-minenet.html   *

Today's IP networks are extensively instrumented for collecting a wealth
of information including traffic traces (e.g., packet or flow level
traces), control (e.g., router forwarding tables, BGP and OSPF updates),
and management (e.g., alarms, SNMP traps) data. The real challenge is to
process and analyze this vast amount of primarily unstructured
information and extract structures, relationships, and "higher level
knowledge" embedded in it and use it to aid network management and
operations. The goal of this one day workshop is to explore new
directions in network data collection, storage, and analysis techniques,
and their application to network monitoring, management, and
remediation. The workshop will provide a venue for researchers and
practitioners from different backgrounds, including networking, data
mining, machine learning, and statistics, to get together and
collaboratively approach this problem from their respective vantage

We are soliciting original/position papers on topics (including, but not
limited to) listed below.

   - Collection, storage & access infrastructure: platform
     instrumentation (e.g. multi-modal, multi-resolution sensors),
     collection techniques (e.g. event sampling, filtering,
     aggregation, etc.), storage and access (e.g. retention policy,
     indexing techniques etc.).

   - Network data analytics techniques & tools: network stream mining,
     network graph mining, micro-clustering, temporal and statistical
     correlation, causality tracking, machine learning.

  -   Applications to network operations & management: network problem
     determination, network reliability and performance, root-cause
     analysis, security, emerging phenomenon detection (e.g. DDoS,
     virus/worm, spam etc.), traffic classification.

Of particular interest are (i) new solution techniques as well as
applications of existing techniques from data mining, machine learning
and statistics to IP network problems, (ii) experiences with the use of
such techniques for IP networks, and (iii) open networking problems and
challenges that would benefit from the use of such techniques. Selected
papers will be forward-looking, with impact and implications for both
operational networks and ongoing or future research.  

Submission Instructions

Papers should be at most 6 pages long, in standard ACM format
(single-spaced, double column, at least 10pt font). Accepted papers will
appear in the workshop proceedings. Authors of accepted papers are
expected to present their work at the workshop. Detailed submission
guidelines will be available soon at

Important Dates 

Submission Deadline:  Wed, April 6, 2005, 9.00 PM EST

Notification Deadline: May 10, 2005 
Camera Ready Deadline: May 30, 2005
Workshop Date: Aug 26, 2005

Workshop Organizing Chairs

Subhabrata Sen, AT&T Research
Chuanyi Ji, Georgia Tech                        
Debanjan Saha, IBM Research    
Joe McCloskey, Dept. of Defense

Technical Program Committee

Constantinos Dovrolis, Georgia Tech.

Chuanyi Ji, Georgia Tech. 

Nick Koudas, Univ. of Toronto

Vipin Kumar, Univ. of Minnesota

Joe McCloskey, Dept. of Defense  

Robert Novak, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Rajeev Rastogi,  Lucent Bell Labs

John Reumann, IBM Research 

Jennifer Rexford, Princeton Univ.

Mathew Roughan,  Univ. of Adelaide

Debanjan Saha, IBM Research        

Subhabrata Sen, AT&T Research  

William Szewczyk, Dept. of Defense

Walter Willinger, AT&T Research

Zhi-Li Zhang, Univ. of Minnesota

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