[e2e] a new IRTF group on Transport Models

Cannara cannara at attglobal.net
Mon Jun 13 11:35:46 PDT 2005

Bob, as you and anyone can tell from the archives on this list, I and others
have made positive suggestions for specific changes to both TCP and IP to
improve matters.  However, even those submitting good papers have met with
varying degrees of stonewalling.  So, the TCP/IP bureacracy now functions as
does any that has long lost its enthusiastic founders.

Indeed Bob Kahn deserves an award, since it was he who assured continued
funding when folks in Washington were getting tired.  Vint Cerf surely
deserves something too, since he made honest comments lamenting the failure to
continue protocol research, rather than stop esssentially where we are.  So,
my comments are intended to encourage movement beyond the existence proof that
today's Internet protocols are, into something more professionally developed
and maturing.  It's worth noting that the biggest movers on Internet, both in
terms of traffic and users, are based on non-IETF developments.


Bob Braden wrote:
> At 04:57 PM 6/11/2005 -0700, Cannara wrote:
> >Cool Ted!  And now maybe I've learned why the all the Apple Lisa's on the show
> >network, when they were introduced in SF, locked up when I accidentally
> >brushed my palm across one's keyboard, while reaching for a brochure!
> >Fortunately, Jobs was right there to chew out their tech crew, when all that
> >could get things working again was a full power cycle.
> >
> >Hey, maybe we could arrange the same fate for TCP as the Lisa had?  Oops, I
> >didn't say that.  :]
> >
> >Alex
> Alex,
> You are lapsing into adoselcent mode (again).  If you have a real,
> well-thought-out
> proposal for architecture and protocols to replace the Internet protocols,
> please
> send us a pointer to your paper on the subject.  A technical discussion of an
> alternate architectural approach would be a good use of this list.  Siimply
> hurling
> innuendos against TCP is boring, unproductive, and unacceptable.  Cynicism
> is not a
> substitute for technical depth.
> BTW, don''t forget to tell the ACM that they made a terrible mistake in
> giving the
> Turing Award to Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf, in San Francisco last evening.
> Bob Braden

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