[e2e] About the primitives and their value

bmanning@vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Wed Aug 9 10:03:01 PDT 2006

> Joe Touch wrote:
> > Pekka Nikander wrote:
> > The trick is to move the problem as close to the potential attacker as
> > possible.
> 2) diversify the weakness and make it a strength (SOS, our own "Agile
> Tunnel Protocol" system and DynaBone, etc.)
> ...
> > The problem lies in how to distribute the "firewall information" within
> > the network so that the firewall closest to the attack source can and
> > will both intelligently enough filter out all or at least most of the
> > unwanted traffic and pass all wanted traffic. 
> That assumes trusted relationships with basically everyone EXCEPT those
> who are attacking you. I don't think that's a defensible position
> (either in rhetoric or in operation in the network).
	what was the best stratagy for winning "Life" - initally
	trust everyone, once "burned", never trust them again?


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