[e2e] Extracting No. of packets or bytes in a router buffer

Olav.Kvittem@uninett.no Olav.Kvittem at uninett.no
Thu Dec 14 05:45:19 PST 2006

anil at cmmacs.ernet.in said:
> We are searching for any known techniques to continuously sample (say at
> every 100 msec interval) the buffer occupancy of router interfaces. 

We did make a tool that could poll that fast and do accurate timestamps 
a few years ago and discovered that the routers
did not update theirs MIB's that often. Some platforms would not copy 
statistics from the interface cards more often than a few (5)
seconds. Single processor architectures though seemed to have subsecond

> requirement is to extract or estimate the instantaneous value of the number
> of packets or bytes in the router buffer from another machine in the network,
> and not the maximum possible router buffer size.

> Any suggestion, advice or pointer to literature on this?

did not publish, but the perl-scripts are intact.


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