[e2e] Extracting No. of packets or bytes in a router buffer

Joel Sommers jsommers at cs.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 14 06:36:02 PST 2006

> anil at cmmacs.ernet.in said:
>> We are searching for any known techniques to continuously sample  
>> (say at
>> every 100 msec interval) the buffer occupancy of router interfaces.
> We did make a tool that could poll that fast and do accurate  
> timestamps
> a few years ago and discovered that the routers
> did not update theirs MIB's that often. Some platforms would not copy
> statistics from the interface cards more often than a few (5)
> seconds. Single processor architectures though seemed to have  
> subsecond
> resolution.

For example, with a Cisco GSR the update interval (line card to  
router processor) is about 10 seconds (at least for line cards I've  

For the measurements we did for "Sizing Router Buffers" (Appenzeller,  
et al., SIGCOMM 2004), we read the queue length values directly from  
the line card (i.e., we opened an IOS session on the line card itself  
and periodically polled the counter).

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