[e2e] FLID_DL Simulation

Lim Kong Teong limkt_2 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 15 16:12:33 PST 2006


I conduct experiments on Flid-Dl, which I got from Digital
Fountain. We set the experiment as below:

1 Flid-DL session compete with 4 TCP sessions for 2.5Mb
bottleneck link. We use dumb bell topology.

The experiments run smoothly, however I got some
peculiar results.

1) When I check trace file, I find out Flid-Dl receiver
receive empty packet with zero packet size as below:

r 3.739743 1 3 fliddl 0 ------- 0 2.0 -2147483608.8888 -1 6094

I make one modification as below, but still get the same result.
Change: Packet* p = allocpkt(); to Packet* p = allocpkt(packet_payload_);

2) I calculate the packet received by the 4 TCP receivers using the
trace file, and suprisingly the throughput suggest that TCP flows
consumed all of the bottleneck bandwidth with total throughput
2.5 Mb. Then, I calculate the bottleneck link utilization, and got
the link utilization of 2.5 Mb.
However, the statistics from Flid suggest Flid session used approximately
0.5 Mb of bottleneck link.

Any explanation or suggestion please!



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