[e2e] FLID_DL Simulation

Lloyd Wood L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Sat Dec 16 01:39:10 PST 2006

ask the ns-users list.

At Saturday 16/12/2006 00:12 +0000, Lim Kong Teong wrote:
>I conduct experiments on Flid-Dl, which I got from Digital
>Fountain. We set the experiment as below:
>1 Flid-DL session compete with 4 TCP sessions for 2.5Mb
>bottleneck link. We use dumb bell topology.
>The experiments run smoothly, however I got some
>peculiar results.
>1) When I check trace file, I find out Flid-Dl receiver
>receive empty packet with zero packet size as below:
>r 3.739743 1 3 fliddl 0 ------- 0 2.0 -2147483608.8888 -1 6094
>I make one modification as below, but still get the same result.
>Change: Packet* p = allocpkt(); to Packet* p = allocpkt(packet_payload_);
>2) I calculate the packet received by the 4 TCP receivers using the
>trace file, and suprisingly the throughput suggest that TCP flows
>consumed all of the bottleneck bandwidth with total throughput
>2.5 Mb. Then, I calculate the bottleneck link utilization, and got
>the link utilization of 2.5 Mb.
>However, the statistics from Flid suggest Flid session used approximately
>0.5 Mb of bottleneck link.
>Any explanation or suggestion please!
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