[e2e] FW: Performance evaluation of high speed TCPs

rhee@ncsu.edu rhee at ncsu.edu
Fri Feb 3 12:17:39 PST 2006

Let's get off this e2e list for this discussion. It is really unnecessary
to use this list for
this discussion. I don't understand why you keep sending your email to
this list even
though we are seating next to each other in the same conference. Isn't
this amusing
 or abusing of this mailing list? :-)
to others in the list, Doug and I are attending pfldnet in japan now..

> Injong,
>>In fact, i contacted your student "Baruch" one month and half before  we
>> posted our
> report -- it was CCed in the netdev mailing list as well and we gave him
> login and
> passwd on our result website (at that time we were just about to write the
> report)
> and we have not heard from your guys until just one week ago. At least we
> did try to
> make sure we are running a buggy version.
> We have no record of receiving such an email.  Just a mix-up I guess.
> Doug
>>>Seriously, we can't run the tests for every fix and bug report.
>> Perhaps best to view it as returning a favour.  You may recall that we
>> re-ran all our own experimental tests last year (all data and code
>> available online at www.hamilton.ie/net/eval/) on discovering a
>> previously
>> unreported bug introduced by the linux folks when implementing bic.
>> Something similar has happened with importing htcp into linux.
>> Seriously, where's the value in comparing buggy implementations - isn't
>> that just a waste of all our time ?  If we are genuine about wanting to
>> understand tcp performance then I think we just have to take the hit
>> from
>> issues such as this that are outside all of our control.
>> Doug
>> Hamilton Institute
>> www.hamilton.ie

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