[e2e] low latency multicast trees

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Aug 1 06:32:20 PDT 2007

In missive <46B0889C.2010303 at cs.colorado.edu>, Dirk Grunwald typed:

 >>Jon Crowcroft wrote:
 >>> nowadays we're starting to see soem serious multicast action out there in them thar woods,
 >>> so maybe its time to re-visit low latency trees (I know most the stuff is IPTV and single
 >>> source/streamed, but someone is gonna wanna do games any day now)
 >>> --
 >>I'm assuming you're referring to intra-AS multicast? My impression was 
 >>that inter-AS multicast wasn't done because (largely) there's no revenue 
 >>model for it.

yes intradomain - 

there are several revenue models for interdomain (just as much as there are reenue models
for interdomain unicast) but there's not yet the demand...gotta start somewhere:)

 >>I was also under the impression that most companies providing TV 
 >>services were either using PON to duplicate & distribute the bulk of it, 
 >>or, when using IP layer multicast, carefully engineering the 
 >>provisioning network (as in the UTOPIA network - 
 >>Are companies really trying to distribute IPTV over the broader internet?

yes - see 

PCCW's IPTV in Hong Kong, France Telecom's MaLigne TV, 
Telefonica's Imagenio in Spain, and AT&T's U-verse 
for example - these are perfectly serious offerings which work (actually some better than
other more "traditional" digital tv stacks)



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