[e2e] end of interest

Rute Sofia rsofia at inescporto.pt
Fri Apr 18 08:26:21 PDT 2008


(silence is also music :D)

Some interesting papers, even though I'm specifically referring to the 
one from Dina Katabi, FatVAP. Clever and simple user-centric idea to 
perform load-balancing among neighboring APs.


Jon Crowcroft wrote:
> last month's postings on this list was 80% CfPs;
> this month has 1 message which is a CfP;
> is this the end of interest in end-to-end?
> has the location/identifier debate 
> mean everyone split?
> does virtualization mean unjustifying the ends?
> has mesh networking for nanotech
> or packet swarms and multipath routing 
> diverted attention elsewhere?
> its not like there's no work out there - just look at
> this weeks NSDI programme:-
> http://www.usenix.org/event/nsdi08/tech/
> j.

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