[e2e] SCTP TSN/SSN reset

Kacheong Poon ka-cheong.poon at oracle.com
Wed Mar 30 22:05:30 PDT 2011

I guess I should summarize the confusion (!) I created on
this list by asking a wrong question.  No one on the
list thinks that TCP sequence number reset is a good idea.
Although IMHO the same comments apply well to SCTP, I cannot
say for sure that folks who had commented think the same.
I'd like to ask those folks who are interested in SCTP to
go to the TSVWG mailing list to voice your concern if you
agree with me.  And if you happen to be attending the
IETF meeting (I am not), please voice your concern in the
TSVWG session also.  It seems that they will vote on
concluding the draft and make it a PS.

On 03/30/11 10:56 PM, Kacheong Poon wrote:

> Let me repeat one more time, I am not trying to solve any issue
> using the TCP reset mechanism. I've never said that, have I?
> I am not trying to propose a TCP reset mechanism. I want to hear
> people's comment about such a mechanism. In fact, I have strong
> reservation about the SCTP TSN/SSN reset mechanism. And I believe
> what people have said against TCP sequence number reset applies to
> SCTP TSN/SSN reset. Each stream in an SCTP association is just
> like a TCP connection. As many folks have commented, resetting
> TCP sequence number does not sound right. The same thinking applies
> well to the SCTP case.


					K. Poon.
					ka-cheong.poon at oracle.com

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