[e2e] [Iccrg] Re: Reasons not to deply TCP BIC/Cubic

Lachlan Andrew lachlan.andrew at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 18:40:56 PST 2012

On 5 February 2012 00:35, Detlef Bosau <detlef.bosau at web.de> wrote:
> On 02/04/2012 03:58 AM, Lachlan Andrew wrote:
>> That passage is justifying using window-based rate control.
> I just talked to Michael Welzl (bcc:) about this passage some months ago.
> And I think, we shared the view that the remark on Lyapunov functions (I
> cannot even spell this....) are an argument for the stability of the control
> system.

The line "the integral of the packet density around the sender–
receiver–sender loop is a constant" says that the window is constant.

> VJCC is a pure window based control. Only window based. Nothing said about
> rates. And I'm extremely careful to make a clear difference between both.

"packet density" = rate.


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