[e2e] Research on game-theoretic protocols for MAC layer in wireless networks

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Debarshi -

Some of us went down that path a while ago, and our experience is captured here:

Experiences applying game theory to system design<http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/ratul/papers/pins2004-gt.pdf>
Ratul Mahajan, Maya Rodrig, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan
Workshop on Practice and theory of incentives in networked systems (PINS), 2004

In a nutshell, we didn't find it easy/productive to arrive at practical designs based on game theoretic models. But we did find it useful to analyze our designs (at a high-level, not formally) based on some of the models.


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I joined this group more than a year ago and often find the discussions quite interesting.

Over the past decade, a lot of work has been done on game-theoretic models of telecom networks but I haven't heard much on this from this group. I am particularly interested in game-theory applied to wireless networks. Among other works, I found the game-theoretic MAC protocols for wireless networks developed by Lijun Chen at Caltech and Mung Chiang at Princeton (http://www.princeton.edu/~chiangm/publicationsselect.html) very elegant and powerful.

It would be nice if people share their opinions on the current state of the art in game-theoretic models (especially at MAC layer) of wireless networks and their future prospects in real life. Are the models practical? Are the algorithms efficient? Will we really have these models embedded in real networks?

Debarshi Kumar Sanyal

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