[e2e] Question the other way round:

Sergey Gorinsky sergey.gorinsky at imdea.org
Sun Nov 17 11:13:19 PST 2013

  Dear Detlef,

> The good ol' "Metro Pricing" :-)

  No. PMP (Paris Metro Pricing) by A. Odlyzko charges different prices for
the same service. The RD design charges the same price for different

> How does your computer share computing time ... 
> It does time slicing...
> A process scheduler knows about available resources.

  In networks, the resources of bottlenecks are shared by remote senders.
Besides, the bottlenecks migrate as the distributed load changes. Not
knowing which resources to slice makes it difficult to do the slicing.
Whereas global scheduling of Internet transmission resources is an appealing
idea advocated by a number of (excellent) researchers over a number of
years, there has not been much concrete progress in this direction. Schemes
like XCP come the closest, while still staying in the probing
congestion-control camp.

  Best regards,


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