An rbridge is a hybrid router/bridge designed to provide bridge-like layer-2 connectivity with better layer-2 forwarding than current spanning tree bridges. This list provides a venue for discussing and developing the rbridge. The concept is outlined in the following papers:

IETF Efforts:

Current documents, including RFCs, WG IDs, and Individual IDs, can be found here:

See also the TRILL WG web pages:

Additional information:

The rbridge can be described as a layer-2 network within a virtual router, and as such is an instance of a recursive virtual router described in the Virtual Internet Architecture:

  • J. Touch, Y. Wang, L. Eggert, G. Finn, "Virtual Internet Architecture," Future Developments of Network Architectures (FDNA) at Sigcomm, August 2003. Available as ISI-TR-2003-570.

Fred Templin's Templin-IPVLX is a system using ipv6 for addressing and ipv4 for encapsulation over rbridge-like devices; it discusses a number of related issues as a result.

D. Eastlake Oct. 2010 NANOG presentation.

Interoperability reports:

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